Restart Arrangements

The new arrangements for the new school year are designed to achieve the following outcomes:

1. To secure the safe return for all pupils and staff

2. To prevent viral spread within the school setting

3. To re-establish relationships and routines throughout the school community

4. To secure consistent, sustained and uninterrupted education for all pupils within the school setting and throughout the entire school year.

Accordingly, to achieve these aims, we need the full support of everyone. In addition, we request that everyone recognises that the new arrangements are in place for the safety, well - being and development of all.

The key arrangements in place to secure the above outcomes are outlined below:

1. No child should attend school if they have any Covid symptoms at all.

2. Each class in each year group will commence and end the day at a different time.

3. ONLY pupils are permitted to enter the school grounds.  No parent ( except for nursery and P1 parents) should enter the school grounds.

4. Year groups will enter/exit the school grounds and the school building via different entrance points

5. Temperature checking, enhanced handwashing and hand santisiation will take place for all school users during the school day.

6. Each class will not be in contact with other classes in order to protect the class bubble.

7. Breaktime and lunchtime play will take place in a separate and designated area for each class.

8. Dinners and lunches shall be consumed in the classroom.

9. Initially school staff will collect and deliver their class from and to the school gate.

10. Social distancing will be maximised at all times throughout the school day where possible

11. Initially, pupils should not bring school bags to school only a lunch box if necessary.

12. School uniforms will be worn as normal.

As the arrangements for each class are slightly different, the unique arrangements for each child will be texted to the parent/guardian.

Thank you


  • 2nd Oct 2020 - 2nd Oct 2020
    Staff Development Day 1
  • 28th Oct 2020 - 30th Oct 2020
    Mid Term Break
  • 21st Dec 2020
    Staff Development Day 2
  • 22nd Dec 2020 - 5th Jan 2021
    Christmas Holidays
  • 6th Jan 2021 - 6th Jan 2021
    Staff Development Day 3
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